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Appetizer Menu




A1-Prawn tower cocktail P220.00
A2-Salpicao: Sliced beef in special garlic sauce with garlic bread P270.00
A3-Fried onion rings with chili sauce P90.00
A4-Fried squid rings with tartar sauce P170.00
A5-Sliced Hungarian sausage w/ onion rings & bread (med or spicy sauce) P180.00
A6-Chicken on the stick with peanut sauce & bread (medium or spicy sauce) P160.00
A7-Chicken wings in the basked with hot ‘ n’ honeyed sauce P160.00
A8-Mushrooms with garlic & lemon butter with bread P140.00
A9-Two small tacos with chicken or beef P160.00
A10-Prawns in garlic & white wine with French bread P280.00
A11-Prawns in “devil” sauce with French bread (spicy) P280.00
A12-Prawns in Greek garlic sauce with French bread P280.00
A13-Oysters natural or with red curry sauce P270.00 (order in advance)
A14-Baked mussels with cheese veggie topping & garlic bread P160.00
A15-Mixed Salami, fine ham & cheese plate with French bread P280.00
A16-Crab cocktail: Fresh crabmeat in special Whiskey sauce P230.00
A17-Tomato with basilica, olive rings and olive oil with French bread P160.00
A18-Mexican chicken burrito P150.00
A19-Thai beef salad (medium or spicy) P180.00
A20-Mexican nacho’s with cheese and bean dip P140.00
A21-Raw fish with Philippine hot vinaigrette (kilawin) P180.00
A22-Stuffed shells: Chopped fish, shrimp, mushrooms, lemon sauce & bread P200.00
A23-Pitta bread (shawarma) grilled chopped lamb meat with garlic yoghurt or spicy tomato sauce P200.00 extra order of sauce P50.00
A24-Finger foods plate assorted finger foods P430
A25-Dutch meatballs (6pc) or Dutch croquettes (4pc) P220.00 served with French mustard add P30.00 per bun

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