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Breakfast Menu


breakfast at johan beach and dive resort scuba philippines

Served All Day

B1- Bun with egg P90.00
B2- Toast with jam & butter P60.00
B3- Tomato omelet, bread & butter P120.00
B4- Scrambled egg and bacon, bread & butter P160.00
B5- Scrambled eggs with ham and tomatoes, bread & butter P160.00
B6- Farmers breakfast: bacon, onion, 2 fried eggs, potatoes, pickles P220.00
B7- Two eggs sunny side up hard or soft on toast with ham P160.00
B8- Two fried eggs, mushroom, grilled tomato, bread & butter P160.00
B9- Spanish omelet with ham and assorted veggies, bread & butter P160.00
B10- Two boiled eggs hard, medium or soft, choice of jam or tomato, bread & butter P120.00
B11- English breakfast: fried egg,bacon,sausage,tomatoes,beans on toast,hash brown,b & b P220.00
B12- Toast with cheese (Gouda) jam & butter P160.00,
B13- Toast with local cheese jam & butter P100.00
B14- Toast with cheese spread jam & butter P100.00.
B15- Big breakfast: assorted cold cuts, cheese, fried egg or boiled egg, ham roll, bread & butter P220.00
B16- American breakfast: bacon and ham, 2 eggs any style, hash brown, jam, bread & butter P220.00
B17- Tropical good morning: fruits, fried eggs, cheeses, fried tomatoes, bread, butter, jam,yogurt P280.00
B18- Beef tapa, fried egg, garlic rice P220.00
B19- Daing na bangus, fried egg & garlic rice P160.00
B20- Corn flakes with milk & banana slices P120.00
B21- Two pancakes with syrup or jam P120.00
B22- Two Thick pancakes with syrup or jam P140.00
B23- Fruit plate: assorted seasonal fruits P160.00
B24- Muesli: Dry muesli mix, served with milk, banana or apple P130.00
B25- Two Danish pastries peach, pineapple or cherry P180.00
B26- Two Belgian waffles with cream, ice cream or fruit P160.00
B27- Assorted cold cuts with bun and butter P160.00
B28- Two croissants with jam & butter P120.00
B29- Two croissants; ham & cheese and chocolate P120.00
B30- One apple pie and one ham & cheese croissant P140.00
B31- One cinnamon roll with raisins P100.00
B32- One of your choice apple or blueberry pie P100.00

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