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European Cuisine Menu

E1 Wiener schnitzel with green salad P250.00 E2 Jaeger schnitzel with green salad P250.00 E3 Breaded pork chop with spinach P220.00 E4 Beef stroganoff with bean rolls P220.00 E5 Polish meatballs with carper sauce P220.00 E6 Chicken fricassee P220.00 E7 Pork spare ribs with sauerkraut P220.00 E8 Hungarian sausage with apple mash P220.00 E9 Two Vienna sausages with green beans P220.00 E10 Roasted pork with carrots and peas P220.00 E11 Beef rolls with Brussels sprouts P280.00 E12 Pure hamburger steak P280.00 E13 Cold potato salad served with cold cuts, salad and asparagus P220.00 E14 Belgian beef stew in brown beer sauce served with apple mash and Belgian mayonnaise  P250.00 E15 Swiss cheese fondue (Minimum of 2 - price per person) P320.00 E16 Meat fondue Beef and pork slices to dip in hot oil, with sauces (min 2 persons, price per person) P380.00 E17 Vol au Vent Meatballs, chicken in white wine sauce baked in special pastries P250.00 E18 Fish fillet in butter sauce P250.00 E19 Fish packet Fish fillet, tomato, onion and herbs steamed in aluminum foil  P270.00 E20 Pork chop with cauliflower in white sauce P220.00 E21 Gourmet party Assorted meats or fish and vegetables (Minimum of 2 - price per person) P380.00 E22 Couscous with lamb meat Special tiny pasta with lamb and spices   P380.00


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