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Potato Accompanies Menu

Potato Accompanies Menu

Baked potato grandmother style

Rice is nice, especially at Johan’s, but Europeans in particular can crave a good potato dish. Johan’s offers a selection of potato dishes from the humble French fry, through to salads, hash brownies, mash and roasted spuds. All served with potatoes of course…

  • P 1-French fries (Belgian style) P100.00
  • P 2-French fries (Belgian style) w/cheese topping P140.00
  • P 3-French chips (Belgian style) thin slices of fried potato P100.00
  • P 4-Mash Potato w/gravy P100.00
  • P 5-Baked potato w/bacon P120.00
  • P 6-Two potato in alum foil w/herbs P120.00
  • P 7-Boiled potato w/gravy P100.00
  • P 8-Potato slices w/paprika P100.00
  • P 9-Hash Brown P100.00
  • P 10-Potato salad P120.00
  • P 11-Potato and fruit salad P140.00
  • P 12-Three potato croquettes P 110.00
  • P 13-Pan baked potato P100.00
  • P 14-Baked potato Grandmother style with bacon and herbs P150.00
  • P 15-Greek style fries (Bigger sliced than French fries) P100.00