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Steaks Menu

St 1- Baloy steak delight with buttered vegetables P399.00
St 2-Mexican steak, spicy sauce, buttered vegetables P399.00
St 3-Filet mignon, beef wrapped in bacon with salad P399.00
St 4-Pork steaks medallions with mushrooms P320.00
St 5-Pork Gordon Blue with buttered vegetables P320.00
St 6-Hawaiian steak P399.00
St 7-Pan fried beef with red wine sauce P470.00
St 8-Pepper beef steak P399.00 /
St 9-Steak with pepper cream sauce P450.00
St 10-Steak with Béarnaise sauce P399.00
St 11-Braised steak with onions and beer sauce P399.00
St 12-Beef sauté with cream and mushroom sauce P420.00
St 13-Steak with Provencal sauce P399.00
St 14-Steak with white wine sauce and asparagus P399.00
St 15-Lamb steak with garlic sauce P399.00
St 16-Lamb steak with lemon sauce P399.00
St 17-Lamb Shank cutlets with red currant orange glaze P440.00
St 18- T-Bone steak with barbeque sauce P399.00
St 19-Steak in natural sauce P399.00
St 20-Steak with Greek herbs sauce P399.00
St 21-Steak approx. 500 grams in natural juices P599.00 add any above sauces P100.00
Served with your choice of rice, mash , baked potato or French fries

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