What Guests Say About Johan's Beach Resort

Many of our customers write to us after their adventure and we really enjoy hearing from them. (Many also come back again and again - but that's another story...)

Below we have a few excerpts of what our customers have been saying about us and the times they have had in and out of the water here

I can't think of any other place I'd rather dive...

Just thought you'd like to read what I had to say about you and your fabulous team there:

Johan's Adventure and Wreck Diving/Beach Resort in beautiful Subic Bay is probably one of the premier diving facilities in all of Asia - very well-staffed, knowledgeable, concerned, aware, experienced, confident...shall I continue? :) This was my second trip there within six months and the conditions were absolutely gorgeous - visibility was phenomenal for two dives, and either Johan or my instructor Steve Brittian were along on every dive. Referred by my old friend, Jim Pueppke, who is now a well-trained diver himself, I found that gaining confidence and a "training effect" came quick-and-easy.

Personally, I can't think of any other place I'd rather dive - in the Philippines, in Asia...

Maybe in the whole wide world, because Johan's really cares, and they're solid, time-tested professionals!

Have a great day and see you guys in a few months!!!
David L. Satterfield, Korea

I had a blast diving with Johan

I had a blast diving with Johan in October. He and Eddie are the best. I have the utmost confidence in this outfit. On this trip I received my Rescue Diver cert with Johan. His shop was totally outfitted for this type training and there was nothing done halfway or omitted - the training was strictly by the book. I highly recommend you take the time to go out to Sampuguin Bay with these guys. There are a couple of outstanding LST wreck dives with great visibility and zero dive traffic. Johan is a wiz with his GPS. In open water he manages to get you directly on top of the wrecks every time!! No using up your precious air floundering around searching for your divesite with him. You may see cheaper prices posted at other P.I. sites like PG or Sabang but you will never get the attention and satisfaction that you recieve from Johan's.
Walter Martinez - Anchorage, Alaska
Fun in the dive boats

Thanks for the great dives!

Johan - thanks for the great dives in November. I've been diving the wrecks and reefs of Subic for 5 years, but this was the first time I dived with you. I'll be back to dive in February. Looking forward to some of your "unknown" wrecks...
Charles David

I just want to say Thank You Very Much

I just want to say Thank You Very Much. I truly enjoyed myself at your resort. I liked everything about your resort from the accommodation to the people, especially the people.
I've taken a number of dive courese, and Steve gets a SHINY STAR. He is by far one of the best people I have ever worked with in training.. (I still don't know where that barge came from) but what ever the case the Good Lord has other plans for us. I also wish to thank John for his cool headed quick thinking and reacting. He's outstanding.
I told everyone at work about Johan's, so you may get some extra guests this year...
Jack Travis

Amazing service

Service was amazing. Staff carried the equipment to the boat, drinks were offered after dives, great info on the dive sites.
Happy Diver - Toronto, Canada

Great wreck diving in Subic

The diving in Subic Bay is great for wreck divers. I have been diving with Johan for several years and in my opinion you won't find a better outfit to dive with anywhere in the world.
Andy B.

I just came back from Johan's yesterday

I just got back from Johan's yesterday.
The divemaster is Henry. He has a freshly minted divemaster named Wing working there as well. I took the Rescue class with Wing a year ago. He stayed there and made divemaster while I went home and worked in sillycone valley instead of diving. Both of these guys are great!
Johan's has two instructors (plus Johan himself): Paul and Steve. I don't know much about Paul, but one arm Steve is an excellent instructor and fun to be with on a dive.

I was at Johan's April 5 till April 9 2009

I was at Johan's April 5 till April 9 2009 and took the Rescue Diver course. Paul was my instructor and he was very helpful and shared lots of knowledge. All the staff at Johan's to include the girls who work there are very friendly and professional. The food was great and to me, the entire place was better organized and I had a friendlier, playful feeling about it. I wish I could live there, I would be in heaven. Johan is a friendly man who looks after his staff and he treats the guests as his friends. They have good boats and good equipment for divers. The rooms are clean with plenty of space and the prices for food, rooms and diving are much better than the surrounding areas.
Thomas Garrard

I dove with Steve a few years back

I dove with Steve a few years back too and was surprised about how good he is in the water.
I especially enjoyed diving the F-4.
The food at Johan's place is pretty good too!
I have seen Johan demand that things be done his way when it comes to penetration dives on nitrox - but he has the experience to demand that things be done right.
Diving is a dangerous activity and you have to do things a certain way and be on the same page or you will have to choose a different dive shop.
It is important not only to keep yourself safe but not to endanger your diving partner either.

Been at Johan's at eastern 2009

Been at Johan's at eastern 2009 for the DSAT adv. Tech diving course. The place is good and Johan is very demanding as an instructor - but very professional and I would like to to be there again - any time. Best regards to Johan, Henry, Paul and Steve.
Just Olesen

Great dive

The New York, an old battleship that was scuttled in the bay in 1942, is a favorite of a lot of guys. It's an old armored cruiser that had already lived out it's useful life sailing around the world. The big guns are still intact. Great dive. Johan occasionally leads wreck penetration dives for those who are qualified and really into it. He is a pro wreck diver and doesn't take chances. Wreck divers, who live a long time, take penetration dives seriously especially in areas with tight restrictions.
There are some wrecks with great big holes in the sides that even novices can comfortably swim through but true wreck penetration is not something to be taken lightly and certainly not on a lark.
The food in Johan's restaurant is still outstanding so I enjoyed a meal of shrimp and peas and then headed back to Angeles. He business seems to be growing and I am happy for him.
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