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On May 17, 2015. Chris Thorp, Henry Bulatao and Paul Birdseye (me) dropped into Subic Bay descending to 35m and with vis of about 4 -7m we found an AD5 Skyraider attack plane… Johan DeSadeleir of Johan’s Dive Resort on Baloy Beach had found something using his Side Scan sonar and we three went down to check out the hit. It has to be the pinnacle of a dive career to swim up on something like this that’s been lost for decades…a beautiful ghost laying quietly on the sand. Others have found her and been down since and some have sadly poked and prodded her, but we saw her first, and left her unmolested. Johan’s instructions are always to “document but don’t disturb”. This video is of a dive on her in March, earlier this year and is my first attempt to put anything like this together. The music is Mythos and better than listening to me huff and puff for three minutes… hope you enjoy it… Paul

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