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Wreck Diver Training

Wreck diver training.

PADI’s wreck diver course is one of the most popular specialty courses available. It offers divers everything they need to expand their diving capabilities to include exploration of sunken ships, planes, automobiles and objects. Beyond teaching key safety measures, the wreck diver course also helps you learn to identify interesting aspects of wrecks that might not be obvious to the untrained eye. It all adds up to a better, more interesting dive experience.

Once you received your PADI wreck diver manual you can start reading and fill out the knowledge reviews, now you are ready to come to the class. You will see a DVD movie with the same material as you learned in your book. Than your instructor will go true your answers in the knowledge reviews to see if you understand all. Few more academics and the special dive gears will be explained (under water lights and reels). We make 4 dives on this course over 2 days, on which the 4th dive will be an actual penetration dive inside one of our wrecks in Subic-Bay. Safety true knowledge are the number one topic.

Course P 9000.00 Book and licence P 3000.00 Total P12000.00

Wreck Diving

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