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Diving and Dive Sites at Subic Bay

subic bay scuba dive sites

Subic Bay Dive Site Map thanks to

The map above shows the dive sites that are generally dived from Johan’s resort. They are color coded below for easy reference. Please note that some of the sites will require that the dive resort has verified your skill level. Certification by itself may not make you experienced enough to dive an individual dive site. Divers who have not been diving recently, may be required to take a React course or a check out dive. See the fun dive page for information. Dive sites used for discover dives and open water training are green. Open Water Divers can of course dive the green sites and the dive sites in blue. Divers that are Advanced Open Water can dive the sites that are in black. Deep divers will enjoy the sites in Orange, while sites only available to Deep Technical divers are in deep red. Please remember these are guidelines and the resort has the right to not allow you to dive a site we believe is beyond your level of skill. Safety is the over riding factor ALWAYS.

Two of the guns from the USS New York still to be visited by our divers



1 meter = 3,28 feet

  1. Johan’s Dive Resort The beach in front of the resort is used for the confined water portion of training. 0 to 5 meters
  2. Castle Reef This little rock outcrop has a shallow reef around it, There is also a small wall that drops to 30 meters in places
  3. Lighthouse Reef A small island across the upper bay. A nice shallow reef used for training, It also has a deeper wall. 4 to 33 meters
  4. Marker Buoy 10 At 36 meters this is for deep divers and technical divers.
  5. Concrete Ship Concrete Ship is the largest ship wreck in Subic. She lays at about 36 meters at the mouth of a large river, so visibility can be bad. However, when the visibility is good this is a great dive. Silt from the river has filled in most of the hull and is slowly burying the ship
  6. Oryuko Maru – This is one of the infamous hell ships. Because of its location in the shipping lanes near the pier, permission to dive here is seldom given. 28 meters
  7. USS New York – Built before the Spanish American she was a flagship in the battle for Cuba of that war. A great dive for advance divers. Technical wreck divers can do penetration dives. 28 meters See more about the dive site and the Ship’s history.
  8. Seian Maru – A WWII Japaneses freighter, Seldom dived because of its location in the shipping channel. 28 meters
  9. PBY Catalina Wing – Sits at 40 meters.
  10. Orion Wing – Looks like an airplane sits in 40 meters
  11. Orion Tail – Old school electronics sits at 42 meters
  12. Tabby (DC3) – The Nakajima Aircraft Company acquired the rights to build copies of the Douglas DC-3. The allies code name for this in wartime was “Tabby”. The wreck sits at 45 meters
  13. 16 foot Shoal – A shallow reef with good marine life 4 to 28 meters
  14. Sky Raider – A Vietnam war AD-5Q sitting at 36 meters
  15. Runway Reef – A shallow reef at the south end of the airport. Great visibility. 4 to 30 meters
  16. Banaag Steam Tug a recent find see the steam boat post 37 meters
  17. LST Reef – Between the Runway reef and the LST, goes down to about 25 meters
  18. Landing Craft Utility – LCU – A great second dive. This is a Mark VI landing craft sitting on a slope. 6 to 24 meters
  19. Crate and Barrels – Sits near a base of a wall in 37 meters of water.
  20. The Barges – A great site for all dive levels. A series of barges starting in 5 meters of water each separated from the next by sand. The site goes beyond recreational limits. 5 to 32 meters
  21. Landing Ship Tank – A great deep dive. Technical wreck divers can penetrate sections, however, parts are now in danger of collapse. 28 to 33 meters
  22. Japanese Patrol Boat – siting 25 meters of water in protected Triboa bay. Japanese Patrol Boat.
  23. USS Lanakai – A movie star and a spy, a very interesting history. 34 meters
  24. The Canyons – A reef dive along side and south of Grande Island 4 to 36 meters
  25. San Quentin – Scuttled at the onset of the Spanish American War. The San Quentin is a easy but interesting dive site and a ship with an interesting history. 16 meters
  26. Landing Craft Tank – Another fairly recent find, near Grande Island in 36 meters of water.
  27. F4 Phanton – A technical dive located outside of the bay. 44 meters
  28. M3 Halftrack – Two half tracks siting in 37 meters of water. Both have there guns raised.
  29. Sakura Maru – A Technical wreck sitting in the channel near Grande Island. A WWII Japanese freighter. 50 to 54 meters
  30. SS El Capitan – A great wreck for many reasons 6 to 24 meters
  31. Landing Craft Mechanised – LCM – 40 meters deep.

Dive Site Post

LCU (LCT) Subic Dive Site

Type of Site: Ship wreck Depth range: 10-21 meters (35-75 feet) Length: 119 feet plus surrounding reef Skill Levels: Open Water. Advance Open Water Current: Generally calm Visibility: 5-15 meters Average Dive Time Recreational Diver: 45-60 minutes Mooring Line: Attached to Winch on hull, Port side aft Nitrox: Dive Site: The LCU sits on the
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Dive the Armed Transport San Quintin

Armed Transport San Quintin (Spanish Navy) ex S/S Andes (Cunard Lines) Build in 1852 at Dumbarton, Scotland by William Denny & Co. as the S/S Andes for the Cunard Lines.   Type of Site: Ship wreck Depth range: 16 meters (50 feet) Length: 236 feet (72 meters) Skill Levels: Open Water Diver Current: Generally calm,
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Japanese Patrol Boat

Japanese Patrol Boat Was she sunk by Captain Dyees? Type of site: Wreck Depth range 18 to 25 meters Specialties: AOW Wreck Current Generally calm While a small wreck, this is a favorite dive spot for many divers. Generally called the Japanese patrol boat this ship has not been fully identified as to name or
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Recent Scuba Diving Finds at Subic Bay Philippines

This is a copy of a facebook post by PG Swerte about Scuba Diving Subic Bay Philippines Do you dive? After reporting on the Steam Tug recently I got to thinking about the things we’ve found in the Bay in recent years while diving with Johan’s Dive Resort on Baloy Beach, and investigating the sonar hits
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On May 17, 2015. Chris Thorp, Henry Bulatao and Paul Birdseye (me) dropped into Subic Bay descending to 35m and with vis of about 4 -7m we found an AD5 Skyraider attack plane… Johan DeSadeleir of Johan’s Dive Resort on Baloy Beach had found something using his Side Scan sonar and we three went down
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Steamboat Wreck Subic Bay Philippines

Following up on a promising “sonar blip” and diving under the direction of Johan de Sadeleir in Subic Bay Philippines on Dec 16, 2016, we found small wreck at 37m depth. It is about 77-85ft. long and about 25ft. across the beam. Probably wooden, she has deteriorated somewhat but the anchor (looks like a Byers
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Dive a Fat Spad At Subic Bay

Dive a Fat Spad At Subic Bay Johan’s Beach and Dive Resort at Subic Bay announces the availability of dives on the newly discovered Vietnam war era AD-5 Skyraider. A rare version of the Korean and Vietnam Wars era US Navy Skyraider has been located in 34 meters of water near the old Cubi Naval
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USS New York-Dive Site

USS New York ARC-2/ USS Saratoga / USS Rochester Type of Site: Ship wreck Depth range: 18 to 28 meters ( See Technical Note) Length: 117 meters Skill Levels: Advance, Photography, Wreck diver, Deep diver, Technical Diver, Technical Wreck Diver Current: Generally calm, some mild current at tide change Visibility: 5-20 meters subject to rapidly
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USS New York – History

USS New York ARC-2/ USS Saratoga / USS Rochester When you get divers together talking about the best wrecks to dive, the USS New York located in the inner harbor area of Subic Bay gets a frequent mention. Not only is she an incredible dive, she has a history in both war and peace that had
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