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European & Asian Menus

Johan’s and Maria’s 24 Hour Restaurant & Bar has a local reputation as one of the best places to eat in Olongapo. Many local residence and members of the expat community find their way here frequently. Our seafront dining just off the beach or if you wish even on the beach is unsurpassed. As you can see from the menu headers below, our menu is extensive. Some of the items on our menu can not be found elsewhere in the city. We also know that many of our international visitors enjoying the local cuisine is a portion of the travel experience. So we have a mix of international meals and local. Our menu is also very budget friendly. whether you are a guest at the resort, visiting for a day of diving or just dropping in for a meal, you will find something on our menu for your taste and wallet.


English breakfast

Start your day with a selection from a wide variety of Filipino, Asian, European and American breakfasts. Compliment your meal with a choice of instant coffee, fresh coffee, tea, milk, orange or mango juice, yoghurt and fresh assorted breads.



Simple snack sized sandwiches through to a succulent steak sandwich or a range of burgers. Add French fries for P70 or chopped salad for P50. Try the “Go Big” size for a half long French bread or submarine size


Prawn tower cocktail

For starters, a light bite or a bar snack in between some of those premium imported beers, Johan’s has a comprehensive range of Asian and European appetizers.

Soups From All Over The World

Chinese hot and sour soup

From English tomato to Austrian sausage, Belgian shrimp to cold Spanish gazpacho, plus a variety of Asian classics, Johan’s has a serious selection. All served with freshly baked bread.

Cold Salads & Vegetables

Ceasars salad

Made from fresh garden ingredients to authentic recipes, our range of salads and vegetable dishes make a great snack, or an ideal accompaniment to your meal.

Rice Dishes

Thai style fried rice

For a quick and filling meal try our selection of rice dishes, fried with beef, pork, chicken, seafood or vegetables.

Filipino & Asian Foods

Sinigang na baboy

Asia is famous for its wide selection of tastes in foods and Johan’s is no exception. Finger food for a bar snack through to a one plate meal check out our selection for some of your favorites.

European Cuisine

Belgian beef stew in brown beer sauce

Homesick for some continental cuisine? Try a hearty serving of your favorite European dishes, served with your choice of rice, mashed / pan baked potatoes or French fries

Chicken Recipes

Chicken, mushroom and bacon in red wine

Fried, roasted, curried and baked – snacks through to meals. Unless noted all chicken dishes are served with your choice of plain rice, mashed / panbaked potatoes or French fries.

Homemade Oven Pizzas


Made from the finest ingredients to authentic Italian recipes, our oven pizzas are delicious. For larger appetites go double size for double the price. Pizzas are now available in thick or thin crust varieties.

Curries and Curry Dishes

King prawns curry

Traditional chicken, pork, beef or seafood curries in mild, medium or hot as you please. Served with your choice of rice, mashed / panbaked potatoes, bread or French fries.

Italian Cuisine

Spaghetti alla marinara

A wide selection of authentic Italian starters (It1 to It7), pastas (It8 to It15) and main courses (It16 to It21) are available. Try a light salad, a tasty pasta, or a generous sized main course.


Pan fried tenderloin

Careful selection of the right cuts cooked to perfection the way you tell us, we have the best steaks in town! Generous 300grams servings served with your choice of rice, mash, baked potato or French fries.


Seafood platter

Subic Bay has excellent fresh seafood and our chef is at the markets before dawn to select the finest fish, prawns and shellfish. Come taste for yourself. Served with your choice of rice, bread, mashed / pan baked potatoes or French fries

Faster Foods

Italian lasagna

If you are in a hurry try one of these, served with bread for a quick and filling meal to keep you going.


Our cook will professionally barbecue your meal

Our cook will professionally barbecue your meat, fish and vegetables at your special table. All plates are served with mixed vegetables to fry or tossed green salad, french bread or potato in aluminium foil or fried rice, sauces and spices. (Minimum two persons – prices per person)

Potato Accompanies

Baked potato grandmother style

Rice is nice, especially at Johan’s, but Europeans in particular can crave a good potato dish. Johan’s offers a selection of potato dishes from the humble French fry, through to salads, hash brownies, mash and roasted spuds. All served with potatoes of course…


Belgian waffle with ice cream - Giant ice cream

If you STILL have room after your meal, or simply have a sweet tooth, we have the dessert for you. From children’s treats through to seriously alcoholic! All made with the best selected imported Belgian products.