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Scuba Diving

Visit shipwrecks over a hundred years old, dive coral reefs among the reef fish that call it home, explore the difference between night and day underwater with a night dive, these are some of the items waiting for you under the surface of Subic Bay.


For both those interested in learning to scuba dive to those that are advance technical divers and everyone in between, Subic Bay is one of the best places in the Philippines to scuba dive. Subic Bay has the highest concentration of wrecks in Asia and we are frequently finding new and exciting dive sites. We have a unique selection of ships, aircraft and some strange odds and ends. Johan’s scuba diving operation is the longest operated dive center in the Subic Bay area. Starting back when the bay was open to private individuals after the US Navy left the naval base. Many of the dive sites that are so popular today and most of the deeper sites were found by Johan.

We dive and teach beginner courses, snorkeling, discovery, open water, advanced, rescue, dive master and 20 other specialties. For the more experienced divers we offer wreck, nitrox, advanced nitrox, sidemount, blending, technical, technical wreck, technical deep and trimix diving. Instructor courses are available on request. Visit our training page for more details.


We can handle big groups with our five fast boats and 24 rooms

It takes a great deal to become tired of diving Subic Bay, if that is even possible. There are over a dozen dive sites that are frequently dived by our recreational divers. There are additional dive sites that require technical certification and other sites that are just dived infrequently. There are around 30 wrecks and 30 coral sites that properly certified divers can visit. Our four fast speed boats leaving in front of the resort at least twice a day for fun dives. Wreck sites include World War 2 wrecks, cargo ships, patrol boats, landing ships, antique steam ships, submarines and airplanes. Visit our dive site page for further information.



Johan also provides sales and repairs of scuba equipment from our dive shop located inside the resort. Best value for your money in education, sales, service, equipment and most of all your dive safety

Beach clean up with our staff and some guests, 7 bags of rubbish picked up from the beach, next day underwater cleanup….

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