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Fun Dives

All Boat Dives

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), who has control of the waters of Subic Bay, have regulations that require all divers to be escorted by a licensed and registered dive guide. The dive guide must be a dive master or instructor from an internationally recognized diving accreditation agency. All of our dives include one dive guide for each four certified divers. Depending on the number of divers who wish to dive each day and the qualification of the divers, we may have more than one dive boat out at any time. Local regulations also require divers to use a dive computer, with a few exceptions allowed.

Our newest dive boat “The Cocktail Queen” Good for 6 divers for overnight trips or 12 divers for daytrips in and around Subic-Bay. Several multiple day trips available on wrecks or coral sites.

Our other 4 boats awaiting our customers in the morning.

Prior to each dive, the qualification of each diver is reviewed and potential dive sites are discussed. Once the dive sites are selected, the dive guide for the dive will present a site briefing. All of our fun dives are boat dives.

Active divers special: 10 Dives Paid in Advance 11th Dive FREE

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Big or Small, it is up to you!

Once the diver enters the water with his equipment on it is considered a paying dive.

Here is a brief overview of our charges:

  • 1 Dive, tank, weights  with own equipment, boat and guide – P1200.00
  • 1 Dive, full scuba equipment rental, boat and guide – P1700.00
  • Any dive with 2 main tanks or more is considered a tech dive and cost P1500 with own and P2500 with our rental equipment
  • BCD rental P250.00 per dive
  • Regulator set rental P250.00 per dive
  • Tank with regulator rent P500.00 plus gas per dive
  • Night Dives / Nitrox dives additional – P250.00 per dive
  • Pro Flashlight P200 / Back up light P100.00 per dive
  • Computer rental per dive – P200.00
  • Digital camera rental per dive – P1500.00 inclusive burning to DVD or your flash drive. Special; rent the camera for two successive dives pay only P2000.00
  • Diver propulsion vehicle (underwater scooter) rental per dive with scooter – P1000.00 minimum of two scooters needed