Other Activities In The Subic Bay Region

Brand new jet skis for the adventurous
Brand new jet skis for the adventurous

Johan's is water sports central in Subic Bay. Strike our brand new jetskis for the fast and adventurous spirit in you, or try out water-skiing, balloon-skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding or parasailing.

The "donut" has a lot of surprises

Subic Bay's windsurfing potential has yet to be fully exploited, despite excellent sailing conditions. Although conditions are best during the Northeast monsoon (November to March), Subic is one of the few places in the Philippines with good, strong winds during the off season.

One of our new, fast, fiberglass speed boats
One of our 4 new, fast, fiberglass speed boats

We have 4 fiberglass speed boats that will bring you to Ocean Adventure Sea Park, or on a snorkel trips to coral islands, and of course, there is our diving. Banana boats and local (bangka) boats are available for rental.

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail with new friends
Enjoy a refreshing cocktail with new friends!

Burnt out from the action in the water? Just relax in our lounge chairs and tents on the beach, enjoy a professional Shiatsu massage or enjoy a refreshing cocktail with new friends!

Off-Resort Activities

Motorbikes like this Motorstar Predator are available for rent
Motorbikes like this Motorstar Predator are available for rent

Explore Subic Bay with motorbikes like this Motorstar Predator, available for rental with insurance, all papers and helmets.

Meet the false killer whales at Subic Bay Ocean Adventure
Meet the false killer whales at Subic Bay Ocean Adventure

Subic Bay Ocean Adventure is the first and most astounding nautical sanctuary in the country that showcases some of the world's most amazing sea mammals like dolphins, false killer whales and sea lions in their inherent habitat.

Take a ride in one of our speed boats directly from the beach to Subic Bay Ocean Adventure for an experience you won't forget.

Go horse back riding on the jungle trails
Go horse back riding on the jungle trails

Try horse back riding, hiking or trekking in the jungle. The mountains surrounding Subic Bay offer a wealth of opportunity for hikers and trekkers. If you prefer, go horse back riding on the jungle trails, good for novices and riders.
We offer horse back riding from our resort with our Van with driver and guide.

Indigenous (Aeta) instructor at Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp
Indigenous (Aeta) instructor at the JEST Camp

Visit the Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp. Back in the 1960s Subic Naval Station days, it was a training camp for US forces preparing for the Vietnam War.
Native Aeta instructors teach traditional jungle survival techniques they have used for centuries. This is an educational day out with a difference.
We organise the following trip out of our resort with our driver and guide.
JUNGLE ADVENTURE TOUR: Bat kingdom, Macaque monkeys, panoramic vieuw, butterfly garden, insectarium, spider house, survival show, mini jungle show.

Take a seaplane tour / air tour over Mount Pinatubo
Take a seaplane tour / air tour over Mount Pinatubo

In June 1991, Pinatubo erupted violently spewing more than 5 billion cubic meters of ash and debris. 847 people were killed and over 1 millon more displaced. Viewing Pinatubo from the comfort and safety of a plane is an awe-inspiring experience.

Johan's can arrange for you board a seaplane on the beach directly in front of the resort for a tour of Mount Pinatubo, returning of course directly to the beach.

Take a snorkel trips to Capones Islands
Take a snorkel trip to Capones Islands / Pundaquit Beach, Zambales

To get away from it all, let us arrange a visit to the Capones islands, two jagged, rocky, spurs off Pundaquit Beach, 45 mins from the resort.

The larger island is ringed with reefs and difficult to approach; the usual landing point is a beach on the west side, which marks a good place to camp. The reefs have been damaged by dynamite fishermen, but there is still a good variety of marine life, and visibility is excellent.

The island is worth exploring, especially the ruined Spanish-era lighthouse on the ridge on the east side. The smaller island has good beaches and snorkeling. Both islands, the beach in Pundaquit, and another beach in San Antonio get solid surf if a typhoon comes through, and local surfers inevitably head here if swells are running. The waves are not consistent but between August and January you may catch solid breaks.

All equipment is available for rent at the resort, including tents for those wishing to stay overnight on the islands.

The sea kayaking potential of Subic Bay has only begun to be developed. A few sit-on kayaks are available from the resort, and there are a few privately owned sit-in boats.

The most accessible destination is Triboa Bay, a deep inlet on the south side of Subic Bay, where the rainforest rolls down to the shore. Prowling the edge in a kayak is a unique way to catch the flavor of the jungle without entangling yourself in it.

For a longer trip, go out the Morong Gate and head for Minanga Beach, just 10 minutes drive away. Start from the beach and move along the north side of the forested peninsulas; stop at the tip, just past the tower that marks your entrance into SBMA, for a snorkelling break.

In the rainy season of 1998 paddlers explored a stretch of the Bagsit River which drains the south slope of Mt Tapulao and drops 100m over a 3km run of continuous grade 3 and 4 rapids. The river is very clear and the scenery is good, but most paddlers will be too focused on the rapids to notice.

Access to the upper part requires hiking and some scrambling, but porters are easy to find. Intermediate to expert paddlers will find plenty to play with here. Further exploration on the Salaza, one valley to the north, revealed a beginner-friendly stretch of grade 2-3 water.

Kayaking is possible only from mid-June through December.

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