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Filipino & Asian Foods Menu

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Pork Sinigang

Filipino & Asian Foods Menu


Asia is famous for its wide selection of tastes in foods and Johan’s is no exception. Finger food for a bar snack through to a one plate meal check out our selection for some of your favorites.

  • A 1-Sinigang na baboy (pork sour soup) P200.00
  • A 2-Sinigang na hippon (shrimp sour soup) P250.00
  • A 3-Chicken or Pork adobo P200.00
  • A 4-Chopsuy (mixed veggies, pork, chicken ) P200.00
  • A 5-Cameron re busado(shrimp w. chili sauce) P250.00
  • A 6-Kare-Kare ( mixed seafood) P300.00
  • A 7-Crispy Pata P300.00
  • A 8-Pancit Canton P160.00
  • A 9-Pancit Bihon P160.00
  • A10-Beefsteak Philippino P220.00
  • A11-Sweet and Sour Pork P220.00
  • A12-Beef tapa (sliced beef) P220.00
  • A13-Spareribs with black beans P220.00 Sinigang na baboy
  • A14-Apritadang Manok or Baboy P220..00
  • A15-Lumpiang Shangai (small) P160.00
  • A16-Two lumpiang curry (2 big) P220.00
  • A17-Shrimps with Sweet Peas P220.00

Served with your choice of rice, bread, mash, boiled , pan baked potato or French fries

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