Dive Sites & Wrecks - Subic Bay, Philippines

We dive 30 wrecks and coral sites with our four fast speed boats leaving in front of the resort at least twice a day. Wreck sites include World War 2 wrecks, battle ships, cargo ships, patrol boats, landing ships, antique steam ships, submarines and airplanes.

Some of the wrecks and reefs near Johan's in Subic Bay, Philippines

Johan's offers more than 15 wrecks within a 5 to 15 minute speed boat ride and 30 wrecks within a one hour speed boat ride from our resort.

Some of the wrecks are marked on the map above but we have many more that have been dived by only a few divers in the world. Up until recently, the bay was closed to all recreational diving by the military and only Johan's offers the possibility of diving on previously unknown virgin wrecks.

We are continuously discovering new wrecks in the area that offers the adventurous diver unparalleled opportunities.

We have original pictures and history covering most of the wrecks so you can read up just before the dive, than get a breifing with drawings on how the wreck lays on the bottom. This all comes in detail with points of interest and hazards to watch for.

For divers holding a wreck divers licence or advanced technical wreck divers we can guide you on shallow or deep penetration. For those whithout these licences we guide you outside the wrecks or teach you how to penetrate the wrecks, than help you get your wreck divers licence.

Images of some of the wrecks appear below:

USS New York (1891). The only divable armored cruiser in Asia

USS New York (1891). The only divable armored cruiser in Asia

New York 1
USS New York
Depth 27 M
Length 116 M

LST Landing ship tank
Depth 34 M
Length 80 M

EL Capitan
El Capitan
Depth 24 M
Length 90 M

Siam Maru
Siam Maru
Depth 27 M
Length 100M

St Quintin
ST Quintin (Sunk 1898)
Depth 16M
Length 80 M

Japanese Patrol Boat
Japanese Patrol Boat
Depth 22 M
Length 35 M

Depth 29 M
Length 38M

The rock or lighthouse reef at Subic Bay is only 5 minutes away from the dive shop

The rock or lighthouse reef at Subic Bay - 5 minutes from the dive shop

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